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I'm not getting orders. Can any body tell me why?


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Hi there,

I’m software Engineer, just created my account on fivver.com since Nov, 2017. I had created my first gig and waiting for order but still no response.
Now its been a long time and I’m waiting for orders, my gigs are sophisticated too but there is less impression, views and clicks.
I’m stuck now I’m thinking , I’m wasting my time :(. I want to provide good services to the buyers. But I didn’t get any order yet , so how? You people are much more expert in it you can give me the best suggestions what should I do? Should I leave or try to promote my gigs? If promote then how? I tried did everything. I did what i can, but all in vain. So if there is any blog or something like please help me share with me. I’m tired with. You can see my profile as i mentioned below. If there are mistakes so please do let me know.
How to promote my gig?
I know on Facebook,twitter, linkedin, pintrest, quara but i dont know how?
where what type of group, blogs and something like this on social media, I have to join?
If there please help me and paste it here. I need you opinions your suggestion and I’ll do what would you people ask.
Thank you for your precious time.

Qaisar Mughal
My Fivver Profile

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