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Automatic Order Completion Rate


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So today I finally got around doing a spreadsheet to help me calculate my order completion rate. It’s been years since I’ve last used excel, but it seems to be working so thought I’d format it a little bit and share it here.

The spreadsheet will automatically show your total number of completed and canceled orders, your order completion rate and how many cancelations/orders you can/should have to keep your completion rate above 90%.

It calculates for both the current date and the evaluation day (15th) of every month.

All you have to do is go to your orders page, copy your orders and past it in its correspondent sheet.

Here’s a quick video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JfkjoE_aJbUw8RAPK3GW9jAhn1VumeyJ/view

For the sake of brevity, in the video I’ve only copied a few orders, but you’ll have to hit ‘load more’ a few times to get all orders in the 60 day threshold. I find getting orders from up to 10 weeks prior the current date the easiest/safest way to include all orders.

Here`s the spreadsheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BseskQUlyQlxbk6UzlRgbCp5IvFDbKlD/view?usp=sharing

You should know by now but careful when downloading files online. I went ahead a ran the file through Virus Total, but you should also check with your antivirus.

Here’s the Virus Total Check: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/960647ea94170c30d43cf3eebea834a4139e85d0030f40c20d51eeee1a3ab190/detection


  1. I wanted praticity over total accuracy, and I haven’t really tested it thoroughly so use it only as a guide but still keep an eye on fiverr’s completion rate.

  2. The canceled orders don’t have their actual dates as it’s not available at the completed orders page, so I’ve chosen to use the ‘due on’ date as opposed to entering order by order to see their actual dates. It works for me, but if you have particularly long delivery times you may have to adjust the functions.

  3. I’ve protected the spreadsheet ir order to avoid accidental formula changes, but if you want to tweak it to your needs the password is fiverr 😉


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