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How can improve my gigs?


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Few things you have to keep in mind while working on fiverr

  • Gig impressions
  • Display video thumbnail
  • Display Picture
  • Prices
    Most of the people create their gig on fiverr but don’t give much attention to impression as per my experience you should have at least 1k impression on you gig, after that you will start getting orders.
    2nd thing display video thumbnail, Seller upload their gig video in which they explain about their service in very professional way, but they lack to give proper attention to the thumbnail as your don’t have time to click each and every gig to see, He/she randomly go through the gig which he find attractive, How is that possible, The first thing which attract them is your display thumbnail ,so try to give proper attention to that
    3rd thing your gig pictures, you have option to display 3 pictures about your sample works, so as per my experience 1st picture should be your sample work ,2nd picture should be about reviews and 3rd picture should be about prices, which make it easier for seller to understand your gig .
    4th thing is prices, try to give as much competitive prices as possible and for that look for other sellers gig who are providing same services like your, by that you will get an idea how much you should charge
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