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How to Create Videos for Your Gig(s)

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You can create a simple video for your gig(s) to help boost your gig ranking and analytics with the following tips.

*Your work samples designed and arranged in an attractive order. This forms the bulk of your video presentation. It could either be done by you the seller if you have the expertise or outsourced to a graphic designer for the professional touch if that’s not your thing.

*A cover design intro with your moniker at the beginning of the video (optional)

*Free audio collections of high quality from YouTube’s Creator Studio archives and Facebook’s Sound Collection.

*Voice-overs can be added for that zing like the ads on TV and radio jingles. If you got a great voice do it yourself and edit the sound if noisy with apps such as Audacity,Adobe Sound Booth and Audition. If you don’t then you can always outsource it.

*The final composition is rendered in apps capable of creating medium to high quality videos. For newbies to videography Windows Movie Maker,Camtasia and Screen-o-matic are highly recommended if the professional versions such Adobe Premiere,After Effects and Final Cut X are too complicated to understand on short notice. You could also outsource it.

The recommended duration is a max of 75secs and file size of 50MB so work within those guidelines.

Hope these tips help greatly.

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