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Can I use a card which is not mine?



I’m 16 and in Fiverr’s Terms of Service specifies I need to be 13 or older to work here, it’s been such a blessing for me and my family.
The thing is I used to withdraw my funds to PayPal, but my account there isn’t verificated. Now I realize I’ve reached the top and can’t receive money via PayPal because of my status there.
Well my sales have increased a lot so I really have a big income and amount to withdraw, can I use my dad’s card to withdraw all my incomes? If not then I’ll have to see how to fix the PayPal’s issue but will be way too hard and I need to use the money so soon.

*I forgot to say I don’t live on the U.S but in Venezuela.
*I’ve been working on Fiverr since January this year

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Hey, that’s great, congratulations on your hard work and success here. I think it’s best if you/your father contact customer support to tell them about this situation, so there won’t be any trouble or roadblocks for you further up the path.
Link to customer support is in the footer of the main site.
Keep going!

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