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Anyone having "User cannot be contacted at this time" issues?


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Buyer contacted me, gave me some specs that he is looking for. In order to better negotiate a price for the gig, and see if he would like me to do the work, I ask him for a sample query which I agreed to do for free.

While I’m setting up a spreadsheet, fill it out to his requirements, and ask him followup questions about his request he says:

“you keep blocking me and I can’t sent you a message”

I have not blocked him, and he said that it keeps flashing on and off “seller cannot be contacted”. I’ve never had this problem before. Meanwhile I have my phone open to the conversation, my browser tab open to the message, and am seeing no symptoms like he describes.

(cute. mod had me remove my own username to post this screenshot.)

Anyone else having this problem or had it previously?

I never had any other buyers describe an issue. I’ve had 0 warnings 11 5 star reviews, and have had a decent experience here so far besides a few minor hiccups.

Thank You.

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.

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now I have a gig with this customer. the trouble with chat we spent like 1.5 hours together just trying to communicate with buggy chat issues. I think he didn’t want to shop around anymore after that ☀️ I’ll take it.

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