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Response rate dropping

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Hi there,
I haven’t been around here for some time but I definitely made sure to check my Fiverr inbox/BR daily. My stats have been all green since the beginning, but right now (I checked the stats 8-10hrs ago and they were OK) my response rate suddenly dropped to 75%, because I ‘responded to 75% of the inquiries I received in the last 30 days’.
The thing is I only had 2 inquiries during the last 30 days and I’ve surely concluded both. Did this happen to anyone else too?
What I should mention as well is that 2 days ago, for like one day and a half, whenever I used the Fiverr app my inbox icon showed one notification, but went missing everytime I clicked on it. It happened to me before though, but I think it could be related to my response rate now… yet I’m on my computer and there’s still no new message.


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