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Celebrating my 250+ completed orders


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I’m very happy to announce that I have reached my first milestone of having a 250 completed orders today! Thank you Fiverr and everyone!

I started my happy journey with Fiverr since October 2011. What a lovely long journey! Until now I am very happy that I can make an extra $200 to $300+ income every month with my website design and graphic design skills. Recently I have added my English-Malay translation services because I am from Malaysia.

I know that the $300 amount is small to compare with other top rated sellers monthly revenue, but I do hope that my service will get more customers. I do have some repeat customers until now. I am happy that they are very happy with my services. Until now, I got 251 completed orders with 221 positive feedback and 0 negative feedback.

Of course I would like to get the Top Rated Seller medal. So my next milestone is to reach 500 completed orders. Wish me luck!

Again, I want to thank Fiverr and everyone else for this achievement. Thanks a lot!

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