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I am new and I create seven Gig. Anyone can check and improve my Gigs?

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So, your whole profile has some problems.

Your profile image looks like a stock photo which will not make buyers trust you at all. You need either a real photo of yourself or a unique and professional logo.
Your gigs look very similar to so many others on Fiverr including the gig images. I would try to make them look more unique, make sure nothing is copied from other sellers and make your own gig images.
Your first couple of reviews are from someone who has gigs just like yours. That will also increase the potential for buyer mistrust, so don’t try to do review exchanges or anything like that.

That is just a start, but those are some obvious things. If you can clean that up, you might come back and read more tips on the forum.

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Thankyou so much for guiding me.
Sure I will change the picture and place my unique logo as profile images.
But Sir The All gigs images i have created my own. I will changes these also soon.

Also Sir my impression are going good for all gigs but not getting sale now. Kindly some more Tips. I will be thankful.

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