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I just started and


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Hi, I just recently joined Fiverr made my gigs active and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get more views/interest.
I shared my gigs on LinkedIn (as my gigs pertain more towards students looking to get organized) and Twitter. I am aware that my gigs are more school-oriented and creating them so close to the summer is likely the cause for lack interest for right now.

However, I wanted to get a sense for whether of not I would be successful in the jobs I’ve chosen to provide.
I’m a very well-organized student and I rely heavily on my planner. One of my gigs is creating a color-coded planner for the semester based on a provided syllabus. Rather than having 5 different syllabi, compiling all assignments in one place allows for less stress and a higher chance of completing each assignment.
Does this interest anyone? Is this gig one that you think people would find “worth it”?

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