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Hello guys I am new here

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Hi there welcome to fiverr my name is Philip I’ve been here for a couple of months now and have caught up with everything, I know just how you feel. here are some tips for growing your business
1 stay active on forums
2 keep response time low
3 the customer is always right (even when their wrong)!
4 dont get flagged by fiverr
5 key terms in description and gig title are VERY important
6 make yourself stand out!!!

hope this helped
happy fiverring

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The customer pays you when placing order and the funds go to your Fiverr account when the order is marked as completed by the customer or automatically after 3 days. The funds go to your account and takes 14 days before you can withdraw. Means to withdraw are Payoneer card, PayPal and to your bank account. Read more on fiverr or just google such info.

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