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What is the most accurate way to determine my rank?


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Over the last year I have had decent success on Fiverr until about the end of 2017. Since then it has been spotty. I have always measured my ranking by typing in key search words, in my case, ‘Voice Over’, ‘Male Voice Over’ or ‘Voiceovcer’ and checked to see what page my gig shows up. Early on I was deep down 30 pages in and then it worked up to the top couple of pages. So I have always assumed this is a good way to measure. My question is this, is it statistically possible to have 0 impressions while sitting on the second or first page of the search? Because that has happened twice this week, while sitting on the first and second page of Voice Over Search, 0 impressions. Yet I get about one new person contacting me a week. I can’t find anything that addresses this. I have gone through all the gig enhancement processes and it was going well, not sure what happened.

Is looking at what page I land on the incorrect way to determine how I am ranking? The Impression, gig view and clicks are great but they don’t tell me how I am do compared to my competitors.

Thanks in advance for your insight/experience.


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