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Do Freelancers on Fiverr Need A Website To Market Their Services Outside Fiverr?


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Like @fastcopywriter said, if you’re good at internet marketing or if you have a lot of time and money to waste on marketing then you can set up your own website outside Fiverr’s platform…A business website is for marketing guru. Fiverr is for those who are not good at marketing their services online or for those who want to focus their time on serving their customers while leaving the marketing aspect in the hands of Fiverr …

I just can’t afford to experiment right now, and I don’t believe in spending money to make money. That’s the old model. Fiverr is the new model.

As for my sales, that has more to do with being demoted than anything else, also, the way clients see if a gig is 4.7 vs. 5.0, and other changes Fiverr has made. Those changes have had consequences.

65880_1.png eoinfinnegan:

> Personally, I am not into leaving my future in the hands of a platform or an algorithm but each to their own.

If I wanted to spend money marketing my gigs, why do I need Fiverr? Why not just create my own website and market that instead? The reason I don’t do that is because it’s a huge hassle. I work on Fiverr to avoid hassles, to make money without doing any marketing.

Besides, I still think Fiverr can work for sellers without doing any marketing. This month I’ve made $400 so far, it’s peanuts compared to what I used to make, but I did it without marketing. Other sellers can do the same

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