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Order problem says active when its not

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Im using the mobile app,

The seller failed to deliver and requested more times,

I had 2 days to agree or disagree but i failed to respond.

What happens now ???

I have no clue how much money i had or if it refunded me.

The timeline says the job was automatically canceled, but it still says in revision and its in my “active” tab, doesnt say canceled or completed

I have no idea whats going on and seller must be confused too because hes ignoring me.

So has my money been refunded, is the job active or not

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[Mod Note: Please remove any usernames from the images]
Ok , these 3 pics is why I thought it maybe a bug.

The job is automatically canceled but still shows in my “active” and “revision requested” tab,

Not marked as canceled or completed.

So I been waiting around presuming the guys been working on it all week

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