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Order cancelled after 2 years!


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Hi Everyone,
Today I see some strange things on my fiverr account.
I had an order, It was for 2 years ago, I’ve delivered it but buyer never answer me during these 2 years.
Few days ago he come and say he changed his mind and want to cancel and refund ( Once again, after 2 years)
Fiverr without any notification refund his money and cancelled the order!! After 2 years!

Just I surprised how can I trust fiverr or trust them as one seller!

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Very weird. I believe both parties have to agree to a cancellation, unless the buyer does not get what he ordered, or asks for something you don’t sell.

Wouldn’t help to contact support now, as an order cant be un-cancelled. So just have to forget it, and move forward!

I was also thinking it could be a chargeback, which Fiverr does nothing about. But a purchase from years ago surely can’t be charged back, at least by paypal? Still, may want to check if the buyer is still on Fiverr. If it was a chargeback, then they are banned.

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Just unbelievable! But wait, this is Fiverr, where “buyers” are everything 😀
They don’t have any mediator, facilitator or arbitration system like other platforms.

A completed order cancelled after 2 years!!! Oh God.

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