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Question for all sellers


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Hello everyone, my name is David Atanasoski and I am an Electrical Engineer student. I’m on Fiverr since Junce 2015, but I started taking it seriously for a year. During this process of being on Fiverr in the last year, I’ve made only 100$.

My question to all of you is, do you have good incomes from Fiverr and how can I improve mine? Because, I’m like every student who likes to have a good income. Please give me a tips how to improve myself. I will appreciate.

This is my Fiverr account

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Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr if you are not getting sales here on Fiverr and the biggest reason is that your gigs are not appealing to the buyers that visit your gig. At the current time, your gigs are just too plain and simple. Your best selling gig is not at all appealing, this will not generate any interest in the buyers’ mind.

Look for competitive sellers from your category and see how they are selling their services and what special they are offering that is missing in your gig.

Good Luck !!!

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The good news is that you’ve discovered a niche that doesn’t have a ton of competition and you seem to be good at it.
The bad news is that your service doesn’t have a lot of demand on Fiverr. Even if you become the first TRS in your niche, you won’t make enough money on Fiverr.

Do a search for Electronic Circuits
You’ll find like 60+ gigs and none of them have made over 100+ during the past 3-4 years. Considering the price range, I’d say Fiverr is not the right platform for this service.

I see 3 options here

  • Offer a different service that has more demand (something you’re good at of course)
  • Find a different platform that has more buyers for your specific niche
  • Create your own website and reach out to your target audience
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