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Buyer Requirements- Best Way to Use?


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The Gig I’m considering/planning is writing a sponsorship proposal/document. As this is a 5+ page document with specific details, I need to make sure I get plenty of info from the buyer (Such as details about their company or nonprofit’s branding, marketing goals, sponsorship perks, etc.) Are there ever issues with buyers not filling out a lot of information well? If I don’t end up with enough info, I can’t give the buyer exactly what they want. Maybe I’m just worrying too much, but I was wondering if there were any tips on getting the most of it, since I don’t want to underdeliver!

Edit: Following resolved by sifting through the ToS

On a halfway related note, is it against ToS to request buyer personal information for this? No way do I want to keep it for myself, but it has to go on the document somehow.

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