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I'm Back-Anything New?


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After almost 2 months of break, I am back on Fiverr. A little poorer but mentally healthier, lol. I’ve been building my brand as a published author but Fiverr is definitely a source of funding for my new book so here I am. Can I get back my position now that after no work, my ratings have basically fallen off, leaving the two bad ones that I received? They were the latest reviews so without new ones, they have more clout. I’ve no level and my rating is showing at 4.6. I just watched it slide as one by one the 5 star reviews dropped off and it was harrrrd. At times I almost clicked the button to get off vacation but I didn’t.

Already have two new orders from clients who have been waiting for me to get back but it’s been a slow day. I’ve a threshold to reach before my release in June so I can pump some $$$ into my book. The one I published Sunday is currently trending top 100 in two categories. I won’t see that returns yet for a couple months but I feel like I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to. It was painful watching my ratings drop off but after working so hard on other clients’ books, I needed to write for myself as well. I’ve adopted a new pen name and rebranded myself. I feel the personal successes I’ve had with these two new books I’ve written can help me to score even more clients here. They are now a part of my portfolio for referrals and samples of my work.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Fiverr I found an amazing cover artist for my books and a singer to record a new single just for my book.

I noticed instead of new seller status, I now have nothing at my name. Is this a new development where Fiverr stopped mentioning demoted sellers as new sellers?

Part 2 of my Fiverr experience now begins.

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