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Site Idea - Status updates

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Hi, So I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for a long time. I have very good reviews but I’m not going to lie, some of them tend to do be late. I know you’re thinking “well extend your delivery time, be more responsible, etc.” even though I love selling on the site, it can be tough dealing with orders and going to law school, etc. I would love if there was a way I could send out a status update (you know, like twitter or facebook) to everyone letting them know that they may experience a slight delay in delivery so they can wait a bit, instead of cancelling their order and having a negative review on your profile.

I am sure there can be many OTHER useful ways to use status updates as well - tell customers what new project you are working on, advertising a certain day where you may be doing a price reduction on a gig so people will get excited and get updated on sales, etc, and even just being interactive with your customers in general is a great way to use status updates.

It would be cool if there was a way for Fiverr to put up status updates that can be sent to everyone with one click of a button.

Another idea I had was sellers having a “monthly” newsletter signup where people can put in their e-mails and
get monthly updates to. Perhaps I had a customer who bought a reading from me 6 months ago. But then all of a sudden they get a newsletter from me and think “oh! I should get a Psychic reading right now.” We probably can’t get access to those email addresses for obvious reasons but I don’t know lol.

Just some ideas that I would would be pretty cool to implement on the site instead of these “levels” stuff.

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I do like the idea to a point - more the status updates than the newsletter though.
As contact is not allowed outside of Fiverr, it would be great to be able to have a kind of internal social network that people could subscribe to if they liked a seller. The opt-in nature of it would hopefully stop most of the spam and the positive effect it would have on sales would be good. Probably some restrictions would be necessary but overall, I think it could be an interesting idea.

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I kinda dig the idea of the status updates, too. Just like the Out-of-office custom message thingy. However, I think if they implemented this feature. Just imagine the influx of Sellers updates notifications; it would be overwhelming. Maybe, if they limit the status update to once per day. Or if the status is shown on our profile and seen when Buyers are surfing. Perhaps we can change the update frequently if it’s just on our profile. If I had to vote for this feature today, I would vote yes! :ok_hand:t4:

Btw~ All the best with law school. Gotta give props to smart & ambitious ladies. 🙂

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I would love to send out a weekly or monthly newsy letter to previous clients. I would love to chat about what I do, things I’m interested in, of the same nature as my gigs.

Exactly! I think @fonthaunt is right though there should be a moderation.

Maybe 1 or 2 newsletters MAX a month and it has to be sent to Fiverr first before being sent out?

I think this would honestly increase sales for the site.

And I think the status update thing would be pretty dope. I could send out a status update to like 20 people who bought a reading from me right now and all 20 people would receive a notification at once.

Just a food for thought I guess. My ideas would need alot of working-around but it would be cool if something like these were to be implemented someday.

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