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My First Cancellation


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Hey everybody!

A couple of days ago I had to request a mutual cancellation because the client was not satisfied and it was impossible to make the modifications he was asking for. I was happy to give him a refund because I thought that was fair.

My completion rate was still above 90%. I know that the cancellation messes with your search ranking, and my impressions / views / clicks have had a red arrow next since then.

So, what now? Am I always going to be down in the search ranking or will I be able to go back up again? It’s not the end of the world because I got all my clients through the buyers requests.

I’m just wondering, does the algorithm forgive you at some point for the cancellation, and place you in the search ranking where it normally would have before the cancellation? Is there something I need to do to rebound search ranking wise?


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