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Gig title is 90 per cent of converting gig

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hi fiverrers i want to shear with you a simple hack that is growing to a pile of success on fiverr . if you have multiple gigs and want to do split testing to cut out gigs that are not converting and making SEO forces search and you don’t have time for that well i have don it for you …here are sheared results :

  • first there is 3 factors i have experimented with : a) gig title b)gig description keywords c)meta data keywords
  • notice that i have stored the thumbnail and not even made a slice tweak on it (i will tell why in a second)
  • last thing is i have took full 3 weeks since joined fiverr of documented split testing
    to proof that gig title is the most essential one i have made 3 gigs run-outs : one gig with ‘‘i will … design logo’’
    the second one ‘‘i will …custom’’ last one ''i will design…design ‘’
    if fiverr policy okay with shearing insights with users form user perspective i hope they do so here is some of the results
  • no mather how many changes to affect a gig title it still make gig show in the search result based on ‘‘ONE keyword’’
    -gig title is understood as not as a meaning full sentence but pls don’t write just stock of keyword just for ranking full sentence still make you clicks of 10 per cent conversion don’t ignore that
  • gig title and gig description are too separate things don’t use same keywords you can write i will design a logo and in the description focusing on professional for ex
    good luck !
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