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Fiverr additional revision gig (extra) is useless also revision time system for seller

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why fiverr site having useless revision time system ?

as a seller and some of my friends also feel so difficult when we met the buyer that always love to make unlimited revision and didnt wanna take extra gig (additional revision), because fiverr system let the buyer to click revision button always without offer the additional revision (extra gig) that must be choose for next action. even it was out from the revision time package that included on that order item. 😕

for example : buyer order basic pack $5 that include 1 time revision, when the order delivered, buyer request for revision (its still on track), and then seller deliver the revision (the flow system is finish here). but suddenly the buyer love to hit revision many times, so buyer can request revision as many as they like without they add extra gig (additional revision) until the countdown end. i guess its not fair, seller have not get more dollar for more action and waste time like this, please fiverr save the seller life from the buyer like that. 😭

is there any the best way solution for it ? hope the fiverr update their system for both users (seller and buyer) .

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Fiverr doesn’t prevent buyers from requesting extra revisions, probably because so many sellers are willing to do a small extra here and there. Some sellers do it because they realize they made an error along the way and some do it as a favor. It’s up to you to enforce your own revision policy.

If you have offered unlimited revisions, you should honor it, which is why that is not a great idea. If you have offered 2 revisions and the buyer has used those up, you can tell the buyer that they would need to purchase extra revisions if they need anything else.

Of course, you should only do this if you have delivered as promised. If you have, though, just tell the buyer your policy and redeliver. They can hit the revision button again and you can copy/paste your policy and redeliver. You have to work through issues with clients like all business owners do, but if you word things professionally and be slightly flexible when it’s worth it, most buyers will be okay.

Of course, the buyer can give you their choice of review or attempt to cancel if they wish and you will have to work through that too. A well writtten gig description will help you avoid most of these problems. I have had to refine my descriptions and FAQs over a long period of time to get it just right.

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