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I m closing my fiverr account :(


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😦 I wouldn’t give up if I was you, give it some time, eventually you will start getting orders! Not only that, but try to take a look at the tags and keywords that you use for your gigs, that may be one of the problems as well. Take a look at your analytics, see if people are clicking and try to figure out what is wrong. Don’t give up! It’ll all work out eventually. 🙂

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You have to promote your own gigs when you start up. Fiverr doesn’t do that for you. Why would they? You need to help yourself at first. Why would anyone promote your gigs if you won’t do it yourself? That’s the only way. And I don’t mean here on the forums either. 99% of the people here, on these forums are sellers, not buyers. Most of Fiverr sales are done through the Fiverr web page, from people who have never even heard of these forums.

Here’s some tips.

Have Facebook? Promote on it.

Hit up your friends.

Hit up your E-Mail list if you have one.

Hit up your family.

Have a website or Blog? Post your gig on there.


Post it there.

You need to promote your own gig to get going.

Once you have some sales and good feedback you may start to climb the Fiverr search results.

Again, anyone’s success on Fiverr depends on what they’ll do to promote their own gigs. Nothing is given to you. You need to work for it. Only then will you start to fly.

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