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Shall I make an android App for Fiverr

Guest domainlord

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Contact the fiverr Customer Support with that, it may be a legal copyright issue that they will have if you go through with it, and they may already be working on something like that. Not to shut you down, but I honestly would not recommend it because of the legal repercussions.

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And more further, maybe go the “just a general micro-job app” path that just so happens to have a Fiverr setting. App Store should be a hit, seeing as the parent corporation despises any other, the consumer is all that’s left to favor.

Or if all else fails, I foresee the need for:

  • Real time chroma keying “greenscreening” of camera video
  • Real time tracking
  • International weather forecast
  • Camera flash blinding device
  • Less-than-lethal stun function via charging port (at the expense of battery life, ofc)
  • Chevrolet engine
  • Blocking of the Fiverr.com mobile site (so app usage is utterly required)
  • Invasive privacy policy
  • Even more phone space required

    The future is (pretty much) here. If you build it. Don’t let us down.
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Sorry, but it wouldn’t be effective without having access to their server, but once Fiverr get their horrible mobile site working properly, having an app that offers a better search engine may be worth using. There may be legal issues though. But I’ve purchased desktop software that does a better job searching for gigs. Fiverr’s search box does always give me the results I want.

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