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Who wants to be a millionare?


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… Forget about discussion title, its not connected with my Fiverr story :) (I have given such a title that you get attracted and click it - like you did it, so just smile and keep reading)<br /> <br /> So I am newbie or fish :). I am now 20 days on fiverr and I really had good time with my GIGING. I am just enjoying every minute spent on this website. Every day I am looking for new ideas (and I must say that in this 20 days I learned a lot of new things) and now I am just waiting for a day (for perfect idea/gig) when I will start with my (I called it so) Special Gig - that will be a BOOM.<br /> For now I have 8 gigs. I am glad that I sold 23 gigs in first 20 days (most of them in last 7 days). I got first order on my second day here from the Buyer requests section. I think this section is good for newbies (till now I managed to create 7 orders from there).<br /> My plan for next days is just to follow the instructions of more experienced users here.<br /> FIRST: I will make a video of my offering gig.<br /> SECOND: I will participate more and more in fiverrforum (what I am actually doing right now :) )<br /> THIRD: Ok, here is where I need some help. I read that almost every level 2 or top rated seller (Kudos to them) is suggesting (logical thing) to promote your gigs (mostly on facebook or twitter). Ok I understand that, BUT I think that this is easier to say than to do. Or I just dont know how to start doing that. First of all I have facebook profile just to check with my friends and nothing special, second I dont even have twitter account. And even if I go on twitter I probably wont have some huge mass of followers in next months. My question is, how you started with promotion on social networks (any tips), I am aware that from there you can raise your orders for more than 100 %.

This is also my first longer post here on forum, I hope that it is not too long.

Have a good time and I wish you all the best.

My moto: The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it…Moliere.

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