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Newbie to Fiverr Voice Overs

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I have decided that I have nothing to lose by trying to sell gigs for voice overs on Fiverr and was hoping to get help on where to start (besides the obvious of buying the microphone set). I am able to do a series of “goofy” voices, as well as various types of other voices in general and I know that the first step would be to buy a microphone set. I am looking at the Rode NT1A microphone package as a way to start out and from what it seems, like seem to like it (https://www.amazon.com/Rode-Anniversary-Condenser-Microphone-Package/dp/B002QAUOKS#customerReviews). I currently own a Chromebook and have a USB slot, so from what I hear the microphone set should be able to plug in and be used. In addition, I have heard that Audacity is a good program for beginners to use, and I saved them as a computer bookmark.

I understand that it’ll take time to build Fiverr orders and I’m doing this as a way to have fun, but also to try to get orders over time (needless to say). I have written kindle short stories in the past (and still do), so I also know that it takes time to build your orders up and I’m not getting into this as a “fast money” scheme and I’m also willing to take the time to practice it before I ‘go live’.

Thanks again and any helpful advice would be appreciated in regards to starting out in the Fiverr voice over world. I have had a lifetime of experience of making different voices, but this is my first attempt at actually trying to make money off of it ;-).

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