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The Impact of Monthly Evaluations - Four Months In

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Drawing conclusions is the hard part. When I take translation in my specific language pair, for example, there was 1 TRS, then none, then 1 again but a different person who wasn´t TRS before.

So, I could draw the conclusion that 100% of all TRS got demoted, and that 100% of the people who got TRS were not TRS before and that no TRS who got demoted regained TRS. 😉

The total number of increased gigs is the most striking number for sure, the question here is if that´s simply because numbers of gigs rise consistently since Fiverr exists, could have nothing at all to do with the evaluations as far as I can see. We need more ! numbers, preferably from Fiverr (too)! 🙂

Excellent explanation, Good reading!

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I am in love with the details of this article and the time you spend to put it all together is evident!

You are on point as the buyers request in the areas highlighted is definately booming and for a longer duration of days. Thanks for the beautiful insight!

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