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Confession of a Newbie"I'm New, Green and I don't Know What to do to attract customer! TT^TT" Help~


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Hello, I’m new in Fiverr. I’m so excited to join Fiverr because I think finally my passion and skill on art won’t going into waste like i’ve been thinkin for all this time. but maybe because i’m too excited i forgot about what kind of difficulties that will be come upon me when i starting this business. and for all the problem i have , that comes first is "how to get my first customer?“

for me, a customer doesn’t only mean for get some additional allowance, but also it will become a proof that my passion and skill on drawing and designing/ art is not useless at all and that’s really important to me.

The Next Problem is, I lived in Indonesia " do I really need to make paypal account to sell my works here (i mean for transaction method), can I do transactions using western union?”

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