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Graphic designer mubeenadrees


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If you have a graphic design flat video or slideshow on your GIG, showing work you can do, with a perfect corporate music, your Gig will be much more impressive.

You need editing your gigs MUCH, that’s something which will make buyer like your gigs. See that your title says:

“I Will Do It You Can Trust Me”, and unfortunately it’s too unprofessional. When someone searches a gig on Fiverr, he won’t tag it like this:
Trust, Will do it… He will tag it like this: Logo Design, Design, Graphics,… so you should change the title.

Also, you stole someone else’s pics from his Gig. Fiverr will BAN you. That is not allowed. Everything should be made by you.

Also, the gig description should detail your service. Whether it is Logo design, Photo editing, or something else.

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