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What is happening with fiverr these days?


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It’s been a long time since a gig didn’t finish and I got a refund - I believe over a year, but would have to look. Anyway, I ordered a gig plus $20 upsell for a logo design, never heard from the seller (it’s been 6 days now and still not a word from the seller, someone named fragglesrock). It was a 3-day gig and after 4 days, I started looking into reporting a problem. Every time I went to the tab to report a problem, the automated message would say “This seller has a good reputation, check back in 8 hours.” The next time, it said check back in 35 minutes, then 12 minutes, then 1 hour. I felt like I was in the twilight zone! It was obviously a delaying tactic. When I finally requested it cancelled, it took 2 days of “verification” before it was formally cancelled and then showed “by mutual agreement”, which really is a false statement. Another false statement is that “this seller has a good reputation.” They have a 28% cancellation ratio - THAT’s a good rating? No.

My point is this was not a game I was playing - I needed that design for a project that involved money. Now it’s delayed almost a full week. The reason fiverr is so successful is that people use it for BUSINESS and, in general, I am very satisfied. But when a seller is going to screw me over, I would appreciate being in charge of the cancellation and moving on to another gig.

This was a very bad experience for me and, for the first time, after I spend my $25 in credits (of course, I can’t get it back…fiverr has made sure of that in the TOS), I’m going to look elsewhere for

my gigs.

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