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[TUTORIAL] How to calculate your Order Completion Rate

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There are alot of threads where people are complaining how their Completion Rate is dropping randomly and how suddenly their percentages drop, without them doing anything.

Well, it doesn’t randomly drop, there is an exact way to calculate your Completion Rate, i will show you how:

1st Step - Filtering months for counting

To do this go to Selling > Earnings.

Today is 1st of May. So i will need orders from March and April. I will use filter so i can easily count them.


2nd Step - Counting your Completed Orders, Cancelled Orders in last 60 days, Total orders.

What you now need to count is “Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer”. Those are your Canceled orders.
Also you need to count Order Revenue. Those are your Completed orders.


You will add up those two to get total number of orders you had in the last 60 days, which will be later used to calculate your rate.

3rd Step - Calculating your Completion Rate in the last 60 days

Now that you done counting, time for some maths. Here is the formula to calculate your rate.

x - All orders = Completed orders + Cancelled orders in the last 60 days.
y - Only Completed orders.

Y * 100
--------- = Completion rate

(Multiple only completed orders (y) with 100 and divide with all orders(x))

Here is an example.

From March to May i had 69 Completed orders and 4 Cancelled orders. Total number of my orders is 73.
In that case my rate will be 69*100/73= 94.52%, which is exactly what shows on my profile.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, hope it helps you understand how Fiverr counts your rates.

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Very complex calculation .Last month only one order cancel 8 order complete .my level down and also 7 Gig pushed

Why do you need to calculate it yourself? Fiverr tells you what your % is 🙂

If you don’t trust Fiverr then by all means, calculate it every morning, but most users don’t go through it at all.

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