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Getting lots of impressions but no clicks, why?

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Hello Guys,

I am Alice Dodson. I am going through little problem with my gig.
Its been 2 months since I opened Fiverr account and I was doing well. I made 15 sales till now but suddenly everything stopped since last week. I am not getting single sales neither any inquiry.

Yesterday I received 150 Impression and just one click. Why is this happening?

Can anybody please help me with it? Any suggestions?

(Here is gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/alice_dodson/create-seo-ready-and-responsive-website )

Kind regards,

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Hey Alice,

Yes, I’ve been facing a similar problem. I’m new on Fiverr and I created my first gig a week ago. However, I’ve been doing good with impressions. One of my gig has approximately 300 impressions but only 5 clicks and no orders.

I can’t tell whether this is just a problem with my gigs or if it’s a technical issue.

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