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So I post my first ad seeking the best design for my business card. Seems simple and straight forward enough. Something I’ve done or have seen done, especially while in the military… see the best options, look at the best proposal, etc… seek the bids… then award the contract. Or in this case select the person to complete the project. Instead of seeing what is the best, I’m bombarded with the same ads of “pick me, I do excellent work” which I could … and have already seen on the pages already. I want to see what separates the designers from the pact. I’m sure each and everyone has their talents. However, I wasn’t seeking ads… I was seeking a design. Had any individual “read” and messaged me directly, that would have been half of the battle due to his/her ability to paying attention to details, and grasping my straight forward instructions. Instead I have 100% response rate of people wanting my job offer that as a first impression… has shown me they can’t follow instructions. Sad thing is, this would have led to same person getting repeat business for concert flyers, posters and other advertising needs as my schedule built around additional events.

I wasn’t trying to bring out laziness, but to motivate as my business deserves the best. Why should I settle for flat, mediocre … cut & paste responses. I could do that off of any business card website and create a basic one in minutes.

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