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Cannot see my main gig category buyer requests

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Hi. I was a level two seller and unfortunately now im a no level seller. But to gain my selling i cannot offer for the buyer requests because i cant see any requests according to my category. My category is 2d 3d models and fiverr show me no requests when i filter it. Any suggestions?
Thank you

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Buyer Requests are not going to make you successful long-term. And, as you are clearly experiencing now, BRs aren’t always available to you. If you want to obtain more orders, you are going to have to learn how to market and promote your gigs elsewhere – to your target customers – the people who need your services.

Take some time to do an internet search for, “how to market my business”. The search results will present you with plenty of ideas on how you can market and promote your gigs.

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For information on Buyer Requests:


Some staff-provided information about Buyer Request availability as of early 2018

For what small amount of staff-supplied information we have at this time:

The latest information we have from Customer Support is as follows:

"Our Editors carefully review each request and periodically release them to the buyer request area for sellers. You will have to check back every once in awhile for these requests.

The Buyer Request feature is dependent on the buyers. …


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