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Tips for selecting seller for [complex] custom mobile app


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I read a couple threads about how to select a seller but am interested in some additional input for my specific situation.

I am new to fiverr. I have an idea for a mobile app that I would like developed for both iOS and Android…I browsed through, and started inquiring with 2 different sellers. One of them flaked during the course of our detailed discussion of the app requirements…the other followed through and seemed like they were up to the task. The cost was estimated to be more than 5000 over the course of 12-16 weeks. I had previously gotten a higher quote from someone on guru so the price didnt seem out of whack. In googling I found a buyer who apparently had a very poor experience with this seller, consisting of losing more than 5000 dollars on an app purchase where they never got a working satisfactory product.

So I am curious if there are any tips on how to select a solid reliable developer?

I posted my needs as a request last night and have like 25 offers…most/all of them seem like pretty generic responses which make me think these sellers just respond to every offer, so I am not really sure how to work through them…

Appreciate any input,

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I’ll say you split the project into phases, you can discuss that with the seller to use the ‘milestone’ feature, let him/her give a break down of how to accomplish the task, each phase of the project must meet a required goal. By so doing, you will know if to proceed after a phase is successful.

I think its best to have a developer, or someone who knows about coding at your own end to analyse each of the phases completed, so as not to get some wacky codes with nice interface (since that’s what most people tends to notice about an app).

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