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Is it time to change my rates?


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I’m deeply impressed with the feedback from everybody in this forum, so I thought I’d ask for opinions on gig pricing.

When I started on fiverr, I stuck with the classic $5 rates. I told myself if I hit 100 positive reviews, I would increase my rates. After reading forum posts, reviews, and messages stating I’m underselling myself and should charge more, I wonder if its time to pick a new rate. In my last post, a user suggested $30. This is the rate that I charge for my non-fiverr work per hour, so I do like the sound of that. Below is a link to my gig page and a short description of what I do. If you could suggest a new rate, or let me know any tips or hints, that would mean the world to me. Heck, if you see any glaring omissions or text you disagree with, I’ll welcome all constructive feedback.

I’m a voice actor and I charge $5 per 100 words. This works well sometimes for clients looking for someone to record 2,000-5,000 words, but leaves me with a lot of unfortunate clients trying to work around the system.


Thanks everybody, I look forward to reading your responses.

  • Sean
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I’ve raised my prices a few times over the years, and I think it’s about time you did it too!
You have great reviews, and even though there are many buyers out there who are looking for the “best” price, there are pleeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of other people who knows the value of good work.
I’m sure most of your regular buyers will understand.
Since I have NO knowledge in the VO field I cannot tell if $30 was a fair price or not,
but if the person who suggested that amount had some experience in that field,
I’d say go for it. If you are feeling a bit worried, maybe go juuuuuust a bit lower???:thinking:

When I first raised my price I was quite nervous, and there was this one guy who called me “greedy,” but meh, that’s fine. I had plenty of other buyers who congratulated me for finally raising the price!

Goo luck to you 😃

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