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My experience with Fiverr's new leveling system


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I was on Fiverr since 2016, earning an average of $17,000 a year for programming Fiverr web-scrapers. Not much (I’m based in the US, where housing is insanely expensive), but nothing to sneeze at either for a gig that I worked on maybe 5-10/hrs a week while working a “normal” job.

When Fiverr implemented it’s new leveling system in 2018, at first I was a bit upset. My lifetime stats were (and remain) excellent. However, since I favored cancellations when I simply didn’t have the technological skill to solve the client’s issue, I had an 80% completion rate. After the first level change came, I was downgraded to level 1. Instantly my impressions were affected - I was lucky to get 10% of what I’d get at level 2 - and I naturally started looking for other sources of work. Another month came, and another level downgrade put me below 1. So, I decided to look for remote work in the field of programming instead of hacking it on Fiverr as I’d been for a couple years.

It took maybe a couple of months of looking halfheartedly for work that I heard of a remote job in programming. I interviewed, was accepted (in part due to work and connections I had made from here), and I now make around $300 a day at a 40 hour/week job - plus healthcare benefits!

The ultimate point being - if you’re really good at your field, just seek a real job in it instead of wasting time on Fiverr. I would recommend this for graphic designers, programmers, web developers, and transcriptionists - you’ll get paid far better elsewhere. Had I entered the conventional workforce for my field, I’d be miles ahead of where I’m at now (though I’m certainly not complaining). Fiverr is a crutch, a crutch that robs you for 20% of your work + extra charges to the buyer that sellers never benefit from. A crutch that can change up their algorithms or rules at any given time for any (or 0) reason and make you 10% as profitable as your were before within a month. I’m thankful for Fiverr for getting me thru the past couple of years, but if you are serious about your craft, I cannot recommend seeking a legitimate job in it any more than what I’ve written thus far. Your mileage may vary.


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