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How to Report Messages?


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Well, recently I had a rather bad experience with a potential buyer. Called “lintonlin.” Actually by recently, I mean today. This buyer presented word files to me and asked that I translate them. The problem is, they didn’t order a gig. So I told them. This was their reply:

"I have already sent you the words I want translated —see attachment I am sending you–please send in a file"

Then I reiterated. At this point, the user began to insult me:

"ok lets just cancel this gig — something is wrong with you —I have sent you the words and examples of the words in other translations , and still you cant understand ?? ask for cancel— I will cancel


My reply:

"Perhaps something is wrong with you.

If you would like a free translation, go to Google Translate. Otherwise, order a gig. I do not translate without financial compensation."

This was met with:

"you have been paid – I did not agree to cancel this gig — you had better get to work and stop wasting time — or maybe I will tell fiverr to look at our conversations – and I am one of their best customers

you are one stupid idiot person — I sent to every language and they understood — you are a fukking moron and a pure idiot"

Now, I post this here because there is apparently no way to report these incidents to Fiverr. Do any of you know of a close alternative?

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