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Fiverr App and Website weird issues


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Some weird issues I have been noticing:

- Issue 1 -


A constant green “1” next to the “Active” Buyers Requests tab when there are no requests visible. Also, it’s an issue that permeates to the app too. Whenever I refresh the BR on my phone, the total number of available BRs are +1 more than I can see. So lets say, its saying 4 available, it will only scroll right upto 3. I can never see the 4th one.

This has started since day before.

- Issue 2 -

Whenever I add gig extras to the BRs using the app, they never get added. Whenever I come back to the BR section on my PC, I see that my message has gone through but no extras. This only happens when I send offers with the app, not through the website.

Going back to the list of previous offers I have sent, I see that this has been happening for quite a while. Due to this, I have stopped applying using the app entirely.

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