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Should Find A Solution For Spam Messages


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Hi all,

Fiverr share updates these days. Some of them are just design updates. However, there are several issues to solve/update urgently.

I think one of them is spam messages. When you receive a spam message, you don’t get any mobile/desktop notification.

If you use Available Now and receive a message which is marked as spam by Fiverr, you are blocked for a month for not responding within 5 minutes. So if i don’t get any notification, how can i reply it 😦

If you receive a message which is marked as spam by Fiverr and do not reply it within 24 hours, your response rate goes down. We still unspam, reply and spam again messages. 😦 Sometimes if i receive several messages even at sametime, i forget to reply spam messages.

The second bug is more serious as it effects new rating system.

Some messages are marked as spam if they contain a link. This is normal. We should not click every link. It’s too dangerous. However, sometimes messages are blocked as there are youtube, dropbox or wetransfer links.

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