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All time marketing for not order logo design why please help me


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Please don’t understand this as being mean, but you are in the largest online service marketplace in the world, competing with some of the best in the market, so it’s not just opening a gig and orders will fall in your lap.

Start thinking what you should do to stand out over the best logo designers in the world.

My suggestion to your gig:

  1. you just started at fiverr. It took me 1 month to do my first sale. Now I have more than 7000. So be patient.
  2. Do not place your portrait in your gig cover, it wont make you sell more, since the service you do is not related with your face, but with your skills (I still don’t understand why people do this).
  3. Try to fix some grammar issues you have in your gig and profile.

It’s not easy to compete at fiverr, but do not give up. A long journey starts with the first step.

Be patient, always improve yourself and you may be successful.

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