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What would you advise to beginners?


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For our new project FiverrSuccess, I made ​​the first three interviews with top rated sellers. Part of the interview were questions that would advise beginners. Here it is. What would you advise to beginners? Write comments.

OrlandoExpert says:

Just work hard. At first you won’t be getting very much money in return for your time, but once you start moving up the level s you will find you get more sales and you will find ways to work less while still giving the best service/ product you can.

Luvieere says:

Selling on Fiverr is an exploratory journey, one where each seller should find his own path. Different types of services require different approaches, so patience and determination are crucial to finding the one that works best in your case. Paraphrasing a Fiverr admin, the best advice for a Fiverr seller is to be there a month from now, then two months from now, then a year and so on. The market shifts you in the direction it’s going, so being there constantly and taking notice is what makes a seller successful.

hdsmith7674 says:

Don’t be greedy and only offer what you KNOW you can return. Always be on time and never be rude. Ratings COUNT in Fiverr.

The full interviews and many more advices can be found on FiverrSuccess dot com.

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