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Need Tips For Newbie


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hey sayeedsr
welcome to fiverr

I am also a wordpress developer so let me share some tips with you.
Firstly note down what you are good at…try to sell services which you think you are best at … there are many for example- installing wordpress, uploading demo/theme [these are easy but they are also in demand] start by making these gigs !

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Hello I’m New To Fiverr. I Have A Good Knowledge on WordPress. But I want to know Which Topic I Should Make My GiG & How To Rank it First Page and Have Sell… TIA

How To Rank it First Page

Installing WordPress and theme demos won’t probably land you on the first page. There are simply way too many sellers.

However, if you offer a service in a very specific niche you might get to the first page. For example, a common error is “500 internal server error”. If you type it into search field you’ll get less than 20 gigs for it.

If troubleshooting work fits you then create gigs for specific error message or issues. You won’t get a lot of volume, but if you’re good at it then you might get some sales.

If you prefer maintenance work then take a plugin, learn it and offer configuration services. If it’s a premium plugin and you have developer’s license, even better. For example, get unlimited license for WP Rocket and offer website optimization focusing on caching. (INFINITE package is like $200, if you sell it to 10 customers for $20 you’ve already covered your cost and everything above that is profit. It takes 15 minutes to configure and test it)

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