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How do you know what services you want to sell?


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Today I want to talk about something different, and also am looking for your views. It’s something that all of us have been at some point of time. There are people who have been able to make it from the start, and then there is a greater proportion (imo) of us who are selling services that are just getting us by. We really don’t know if it’s what we want to pursue or not. And often, was it even something we really needed to assemble up as a service for selling? That’s a question that comes again and again.

If I talk about myself, I started with book formatting service (cause I’ve been an author too) tried my hand at PDF forms and PDF stuff, tried looking at market trends through buyers request. But now I want to shut shop for these services and perhaps move on to better ones. They probably don’t work for me. Plus there’s no fun, no creativity or looking forward to growth. Or maybe there are no people I’m in front of who can appreciate these services. But I’m also stuck with what to pursue and sell. And then finally, comes the question about making it all work.

If you see anything that needs to be fixed in my practice, what can you say from your experience?
And also, feel free to share if you’ve been in the same problem too.

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To simply answer your question:
“How do you know what services you want to sell?”

I think there is no way to know. I mean, is there???
You just try it, hang on to it for a while, if it doesn’t work, move on and try something new.
(There are a good number of gigs I created in the past that got deleted in the end because
it wasn’t working. )

Not everything can be fun and creative, but if you are getting paid for it,
I guess there isn’t much to complain, at least you are getting something out of it.

What’s your main goal here?
Make money and have fun and be creative at the same time?
Or just make money??
If you can have fun , be creative AND make money that’s ideal, but I guess you just need to
try everything out.

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