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Hello from Guerrero Mexico

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I am a long time buyer at fiverr, still I can’t figure out how to “Post a Gig” Our studio seeks ambitious audio artists to participate in a high-profile virtual sports commentary panel discussion show related to mexico’s national team in World Cup 2018 in Junio y Julio. Help please!

In advance, thanks.

Soy un comprador de largo tiempo con fiverr, todavia no puedo sacar fomo “Post a Gig”. Nuestro estudio busca artistas de audio ambiciosos para participar en un alto-perfil programa de comentario deportista relacionado con un programa de discusión de la selección mexicana en Copa Mundial 2018 en Junio y Julio. Ayúdanos por favor.

De antemano, gracias

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Hello Maria.

Go to Selling - Gigs - Create New Gig

If you need to hire people:

Go to Buying - Post A Request

If you’re looking for work

Go To Selling - Buyers Requests

Personally, I prefer to create gigs. A gig is like a store that’s open 24/7, so you can get orders while you sleep.

Bidding on buyers requests is a hassle, I only do it in times of desperation.

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It sounds like you might want people who do voiceovers, podcasts, or are social media influencers but are also into sports. You could post a buyer request the way @fastcopywriter described. You might also look on the Fiverr main page and poke around for some people in the audio categories. You might notice someone who has a sports specialty or something. I found a few interesting gigs by searching “sports announcer” as well. Good luck!

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