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Selling a gig which i have purchased in the past


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hello, i wanted too find out something.
i have been a seller for not too long now, i buy gigs on fiverr with the same account.
in the course of a job, i needed to purchase a gig in order to complete that job. after the job was completed, i realised that i could also offer that same gig. because of how broad i read, i was able to redo the seller’s job and the client was happy with the final product. i still gave the seller a good review anyways.

i just want to know if its against fiverr rules to offer a gig you have already purchased.

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As long as you aren’t literally taking someone else’s work and selling it as your own, you’re fine.

Setting up a new gig that offers the same thing as this other person isn’t an issue. Just don’t plagiarise the content of their gig description.

thanks for that.

i just wanted to be certain that i am not breaking any laws.

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