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I started to process to sell my gig but now i have improve my pic?


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The image does not have enough pixels? Maybe there is value there but I do not know how to change it and do not know which pic since there are 2 pics…and the emails sent are no reply. I just feel there is not much human touch here.


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Hi Joanna,

I had a look at your Gig’s picture, to me it’s okay, and Fiverr accepted it. If you personally don’t like it, you can remove that one, there is an X at the top right of your pic when you are on your Gig’s edit mode, then upload another one. Alternatively, you can have up to 3 photos uploaded to your Gig.

Hope this helps,

John 🙂

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Not sure what your question is.

You can edit/add your gig photo in your “gig gallery”.

Upload photos that describe or relate to your Gig. They can be samples of your work. Allowed: JPEG, 682 pixels wide, 459 pixels height, up to 2 MB.

You can change your profile photo.

Click “Edit” next to your profile, then click browse and select a photo for your source.


Do you mean emails you’ve sent to Fiverr support?

  • http://fiverr.com/support

    There are lots of humans, here, on the forum and quite a few humans, there, at Fiverr support.

    As far as your gig pic goes. IMO it’s not a very good pic. It looks like some sort of painting or artwork. What is it supposed to mean? Are you selling artwork? I don’t think so.

    Your gig pic should be a representation of the product or service you are offering. Which by the way is not very clear in your gig description.

    Hope that helps.
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