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How to choose a best profile photo


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Hello everyone,
As off now i have learnt many things from here, but still have to extract many things, a thought came into my mind does our profile picture affect our Fiverr I.D ? Still not got answer to this question.
I just wanna ask people here what should be the right profile picture?
A profile which highlights the sellers personality and his work .
A profile which looks professional?
Dear ones please assist me .
Bizz writer

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It’s quite easy.
Think as a buyer. search for a gig to buy. when you find it, ask you some questions
did I choose it because of the description? the rating? the profile picture?

When you find some answers to these questions you’ll have an answer.

There’s no rule about wich picture is the best for a profile. Like I said in this topic I need tips about my profile picture? it’s all depends on the gig category but not only

For a cartoon maker, a cartoon picture is a good choice but in your case not.
Your current picture is nice. I like it a lot. maybe you can zoom in a bit but I’m not sure.
The negative point is that’s not “eyes catching”. but sometimes less is best 🙂

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