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How can I promote this great gig?


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Hi Mary,

First of all, welcome to Fiverr! You are just 10 hours in the business and hope to make a killing, I like that $-) You have taken the first and second steps already. One was to create a Gig that should sell and Two was to join the forum. Here you will find LOADS of help. Then you can go through the others’ Gigs to see if you can find someone who can help you. And if you look at my Gigs, you will see that I have a few that will certainly get you started. I will also contact you to give you a bit of guidance on that.

Best wishes of success for your new business.

John :-bd

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Welcome aboard!

You’ve chosen a crowded field for your service.

  • Add video. Hire a Fiverr person to do it if necessary.
  • Add audio to the video. Hire a Fiverr person to do a voice over.
  • Expand your gig description. Make it more compelling. Hire a Fiverr person to write it.
  • Change your bio to describe your credentials and to be more business like.
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What voiceoverwork said above. 500+ likes in 24 hours, don’t sustain well. You can choose longer delivery period and offer more likes. e.g. More than 2000+ likes in 4 days of delivery. Such likes are likely to remain active after the purchasing your gig. So people are looking for more in less cost. For 5$, the amount of likes that they get and the one that stick with them are low. So offer them more and they will see that for that amount they got more likes which remained and didn’t got unliked. Unless you offer more for the 5$, youre not going to get much from the gig. Just saying. Be competitive and offer more. It’s painful but it comes with good returns 🙂

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