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Cannot withdraw money from Fiverr to PayPal




I have worked with some clients and generated some money through Fiverr. Yesterday, I tried to send the money that I earned to my PayPal account. I followed the instructions given by the Fiverr platform and finally, I got a legit email from PayPal to claim the money that I earned from Fiverr.

When clicking the “Claim Payment” button from the PayPal email, I am redirected to PayPal’s login screen to input my account. After doing this, I get a notification that “the money is now in my PayPal account” (see screenshot below).


So far so good. However, when I go to my PayPal account, the transaction is not listed anywhere. I have waited more than 24 hours and still nothing appears on my account.

I have also checked that all my PayPal details in my account are correct and confirmed. Still, no luck so far.

Has anyone bumped into this issue before? If so, how did you solve it?


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The payment might be pending and have a 24 hour hold on it. You can call Paypal and ask them about this.

Check on fiverr to make sure your email address for Paypal is still the same as it should be.

I have checked my Fiverr settings and the e-mail address is still the same as it should be. I’ll try to get in contact with PayPal to see if I can solve my issue.


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